Jiao Lien Mario Lizée

Teaching Since 2011

Jiao Lien Mario Lizée started martial arts around the age of 7, with a brief introduction to Judo. As the years went by, his interest for martial arts led him to try several systems. He spent a few years practicing ITF Taekwondo, Kyokushin karate and WTF Taekwondo. In 1998, he started learning White Crane Kung Fu. After a couple years away from martial arts, he returned in 2002 to recommence his training at the Laval academy. In 2006, Mr. Lizée started teaching children’s class in the Laval Academy. In 2011 he became a certified instructor in the White crane kung fu academies.


2009 : Certified as an Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell instructor.

2013 : Certified as an Agatsu Level 2 Kettlebell instructor.

2014 : Certified as a Level 1 Aerial Strength Instructor.

2014 : Certified as a Level 1 Flexibility & Joint Mobility Instructor.

2014 : Won the silver medal in Advanced Short Weapons Forms Division at the Eastern Canada Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Tournament.

2017: Certified as an Agatsu Level 1 Indian Club & Mace Instructor