Jiao Lien Étienne Métayer

Teaching Since 2005

Jiao Lien Étienne Métayer was introduced to White Crane Kung Fu in 1998. He became an instructor in 2005. Before studying White Crane, he had several years of Tae Kwon do training. Mr. Métayer has completed his bachelor in Kinesiology and is a practicing Osteopath. He is also a specialist in preparatory exercises for combat sports. Étienne Métayer had a very successful full contact kung fu career. His amateur fight record in the prestigious U.S. International Kuoshu Championships (USKF) is:

2007 : Won the bronze medal in full contact fighting (Lei Tai) Heavyweight A division (82.1 to 88kg).

2008 : Won the gold medal in full contact fighting (Lei Tai) Super Heavyweight division (88.1 to 94kg).

2009 : Won the silver medal in full contact fighting (Lei Tai) Heavyweight B division (71.6 to 82kg). Mr. Métayer went down two divisions from his usual weight to fight new opponents.

Mr. Métayer teaches mainly in the Laval academy. He teaches both adults and children as well as the occasional full contact fighter.