Jiao Lien Carla Baquiran

Teaching Since 2018

Jiao Lien Carla Baquiran was first introduced to traditional martial arts by her father who taught the children’s class at Oh Jang Tae Kwon Do. Following this experience, she continued to train in different martial arts systems over the years; however, was in search of a traditional school. In 2010, Mrs. Baquiran joined the White Crane Kung Fu Academy and began to integrate the system and culture into her lifestyle. She even continued to practice kung fu while pregnant with both sons, as she strongly believes that martial arts can be safely practiced and adapted to any life situation. In 2018, Mrs. Baquiran became a certified instructor for the White Crane Kung Fu Academies. She assists in teaching the adult and children’s classes at the Laval Academy. She has promoted the art by participating in demonstrations for kung fu and lion dance. She has also given seminars on First Aid for Martial Artists and self-defense.

2011: won the gold medal for Women’s Traditional Southern Empty Hand Forms Division at the U.S. International Kuosho Championship

2011: won the silver medal for Women’s Traditional Short Weapon Division at the U.S. International Kuosho Championship

2014: won First Place for Women’s Intermediate Short Weapon Forms at the Eastern Canada Traditional Chinese Martial Arts Tournament

2017: Certified as an Agatsu Level 1 Kettlebell Instructor

2019: Certified as an Agatsu Level 1 Indian Club & Mace Instructor