Our goal is to help students develop high-level self-defense skills, enjoy better health and enhance their entire life though traditional Chinese Kung Fu training.

Children 4-6

Our programs for young children aims to develop solid bases through an introduction to traditional martial arts.


The primary goal of our program for children is to help personal development through traditional martial arts.


The White Crane Kung Fu Academies' goal is to offer martial arts programs that help develop high-level self-defence skills, enjoy better health and enhance their entire life through authentic traditional Chinese martial arts training.

Shifu Bernard life's work has been consumed with the objective of helping preserve some of the extremely effective and high-level authentic traditional Chinese martial arts that are rapidly disappearing form modern-day society. He has made every effort to help preserve and disseminate openly some of China's authentic martial arts systems. To preserve the sophisticated combat and health enhancing methods created in the past, Shifu Bernard insists that all his instructors practice with dedication and perseverance and develop the teaching skills necessary to pass them on to future generations. In the White Crane Kung Fu Academies, assistant instructors require at least ten years arduous training while full fledged instructors have a minimum of 15 years training.



Forms and set-fightings







Benefits of Training

 Training in an authentic traditional Kung Fu school permits people to train their minds and bodies, develop real self-defense skills and preserve some link to martial tradition, folklore and culture. Furthermore, the confidence one gains from knowing real self-defense skill filters through all aspects of that person's life thereby providing access to a more relaxed and pleasurable lifestyle.

It is perhaps no accident that some of the most common ailments of modern life include back pain, hypertension, high stress levels, and insomnia, all conditions that exercise has been proven to alleviate. Making a habit of regular exercise can be a difficult task. An activity like the study of an authentic traditional kung fu style, in which there are always new skills to master, can prevent boredom from setting in. Furthermore, in this age of short-lived trends, some fads don't even last long enough to prove their long-term value or even their safety. The roots of the Shaolin white crane kung fu academies are 300 years old and many practitioners retain a high level of fitness into their sixties, seventies, and even eighties. They are living proof that Kung fu movements, when properly practiced, are at the very least, safe, and most likely, highly beneficial.


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