This practical book is filled with information, pictures and truths about Kung Fu, and particularly about the rare Fukienese White Crane system. The book includes chapters on: history, theory, essential basic moves, basic form, two person sets, many applications and weapons. It demonstrates applications and variations that are useful for all martial artists. Fujian (Fukien) White Crane is considered by many to have exercised a profound influence upon modern Karate systems. The Flying Crane system represented in this work is one of the rarest today as it was mainly reserved for members of a certain family. It is a powerful, deceptive art with great emphasis upon hand techniques.

This work is written by Shifu Lorne Bernard one of north-Amercica's foremost experts on Fujian white crane kung fu and is considered the reference work on the flying crane branch.

White Crane Kung Fu DVD - Volume 1 & 2

(Fujian Chow An White Crane Fist, Flying Crane branch)

Featuring : Grand-Master Lee Joo-Chian, 4th generation heir to the flying crane system

Fujian White Crane Kung Fu is renowned for its fighting ability and influence upon other martial arts styles. Famous for its quick footwork, sophisticated hand techniques and pressure point strikes, the Flying Crane branch (one of the 4 major branches of Fujian White Crane Kung Fu) is a complete system with empty hand-forms, internal and external training and classical weaponry. This video series records and makes available on DVD a great deal of historical evidence, texts and photographs and features the 4th generation heir to the system, Grand-Master Lee Joo-Chian, demonstrating the Flying Crane's fundamental forms, stances, strikes and applications.

Volume 1 contents:

-Detailed history of the system complete with rare historical footage
-Demonstrations by Grandmaster Lee:
-Basic stances and hand formations, basic strikes and kicks
-Complete Level 1 form
-Applications of the techniques

Volume 2 contents:

-Detailed history of the system complete with rare historical footage
-Demonstrations by Grandmaster Lee:
-Complete Level 2 and 3 forms
-Theoretical discussions
-Two Person Forms
-Interview with Grandmaster Lee
-And more.

The goal of this video series is to preserve, protect and promote an incredibly sophisticated and rare, 200 year old martial arts system. This is the first time the Flying Crane branch is shown to the outside world.